Natural and Unnatural Ways to Banish Cellulite


Are all cellulite treatments equal?

Let’s face it, not all cellulite reducer or remover treatments are going to work for everybody. There will be some treatment(s) that will be more effective than others and it will really be up to you to find out which one is going to work for you (and how much you’re willing to spend).

Popular Treatments to Remove Cellulite

Mesotherapy for Cellulite Reduction
Mesotherapy is a procedure where a mixture or cocktail of microscopic doses of homeopathic agents, plant extracts, vitamins, pharmaceuticals, minerals and amino acids, to name a few, is injected multiple times to the area being treated. It is performed with a tiny needle which pierces the uppermost skin layers.
Watch the short video below showing this technique to remove cellulite. The visual text is in French (after all, mesotherapy was developed in France), but don’t worry, it focuses on the method itself and is self-explanatory.

The cost for mesotherapy ranges from $250 to $500 per session depending on where you live. The number of treatments will depend on the condition and the amount of cellulite present.
Some have had success with it and some have regretted doing it. Negative reactions range from having diarrhea, vomiting and weakness (apparently due too much dosage) to a woman who spent $2500 and suffered from open lesions appearing at the injection sites requiring antibiotics, and a trip to the plastic surgeon to clean out the wound (!).
A good mesotherapy treatment is considered permanent but only if the causes for the cellulite like hormonal balance, lack of exercise or overeating have been successfully addressed.
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VelaShape Reviews
VelaShape is being touted as the non-surgical, non-invasive, almost painless “medical” solution to cellulite treatment with no downtime. It uses a combination of Infrared Light Energy, Bi-polar Radio Frequency (RF) and a type of mechanical massage which gives out heat.
This method has been shown to reduce fat cells among other things, thus minimizing the appearance of cellulite. Note that this is a temporary fix, lasting anywhere from 3-4 months after which you’ll have to go back for another treatment.

You might to watch this very short video that shows the skin turning red with a VelaShape treatment:

Just like other treatments, this nethod also has mixed results. Here are a couple of VelaShape reviews I found on the web:
One spent around $1725 and was satisfied since, as she says, the cellulite is much lighter. Another spent $2700 (6 treatments) and experienced extreme pain and “felt almost dead” from it. She had a lot of burning and redness. After avoiding sunlight for a while per her doctor’s advice, she noticed that the cellulite was significantly reduced. Unfortunately, it came back and became more pronounced after only a month :(.
Are you willing to spend thousands of dollars on cellulite treatments that might not work for you? I didn’t think so.
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Endermologie as a Cellulite Treatment
Have you heard of Endermologie? It’s another massaging method that uses a motorized machine which has rollers to smooth the bulging fat cells beneath the skin. This was technology created by another French company called LPG systems. The French sure seem to be into women’s beauty issues.
According to the site, LPG Endermologie is an FDA approved treatment for cellulite reduction. It cites a study of 33 women who had twice weekly sessions for 15 weeks. Only 5 (15%) women showed an improved in the appearance of cellulite. Important to note that FDA approval doesn’t mean it’s going to be an effective treatment for all.
The treatments last for about 30-45 minutes per area and is performed twice a week. The suggested number of sessions is 15, after which the procedure has to be repeated as the original skin condition typically appears after three to four weeks. Some practitioners suggest a monthly maintenance schedule which could prove expensive in the long run.
The cost for Endermologie ranges from $50 to $120 per session depending on where you live and the amount of experience that the practitioner claims to have.
Watch the video below to see how Endermologie is implemented:

Now, for the reviews. One had 6 sessions and saw no improvement though she was told she would see a change after the first one. When she complained, she was told this was probably not the right treatment for her, but that maybe after 14 sessions she will see a difference. She felt scammed.
Another said that she saw slight results after the second session. She was also told to eat healthy and perform regular exercise. One woman spent $900 in the spa where her gym is located and is happy with the results.
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Bodywraps for Cellulite Reduction
You can do the bodywrap method on yourself or go to a spa to get it done. The theory behind a bodywrap is that by wrapping the affected area firmly for 30 minutes, the enlarged fat cells causing the cellulite will be pushed back therefore making it less noticeable. You can use cloth or plastic for the bodywrap. Some spas also use some kind of rubber material.
The most popular ingredients used are seaweed, fish oil, vitamin E or other natural oils for moisture and coffee beans. The caffeine in the coffee beans improves circulation even when applied on the skin. This flushes out the toxins and makes the skin smoother.
The bodywrap method is a short-term fix and will have to be repeated every two to three weeks. If you do it yourself, it could prove messy, while going to a spa for maintenance can get expensive pretty fast.
Get a Massage at Home
Reduce cellulite on thighs with brown sugar, baby oil, vodka and mustard!
Here’s how you can teach your significant other (or anybody else) to give you a cellulite reduction massage at home:

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Remember, the most committed always wins!